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Shangguang Wang


School of Computer Science

Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

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Research Interests: Service Computing, Mobile Edge Compuitng, Satellite Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, and 5/6G Core Network 

Shangguang Wang is a Professor at the School of Computer Science, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China. He received his Ph.D. degree at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 2011. He has published more than 150 papers in journals such as IEEE JASC, TMC, TSC, and TCC, and conferences such as IJCAI, INFOCOM, AAAI and ICWS. His research interests include service computing, mobile edge computing, cloud computing, and Satellite Computing. He is currently serving as Chair of IEEE Technical Committee on Services Computing, and Vice-Chair of IEEE Technical Committee on Cloud Computing. He also served as General Chairs or Program Chairs of 10+ IEEE conferences, Advisor/Associate Editors of several journals such as Journal of Cloud Computing, Journal of Software: Practice and Experience, International Journal of Web and Grid Services, China Communications, and so on. He is a senior member of the IEEE, and a Fellow of the IET.


07 December, 2021: The satellite called BAOYUN with "Satellite Intelligence Compuitng and Service Platform" as the first test satellite of Tiansuan Constellation has been launched in Jiuquan, China. The platform will carry out serveral in-orbit tests and experiments including 5G Core Network with 5G gNB software, Cognitive Service Architecture for 6G Core Network, KubeEdge+Sedna for Cloud-Edge Collaboration, Task Offloading in Satellite Edge Computing, Satellite Containter Management, Quick Protocl, etc..

31 October, 2021:We begin to build the Tiansuan Constellation天算星座). I am the constellation's chief scientist. The first phase of the Tiansuan Constellation consists of six satellites including two main satellites, two auxiliary satellites and two edge satellites, with the first satellite expected to be launched in May 2022.[Youtube][Paper]

09 August, 2021: [English Video] [Chinese Video]Our 5G core network system has been successfully deployed on the TY20 satellite and is connected to the 5G network on the ground. We will pulish all data during the IEEE SAGC 2021 and IEEE EDGE 2021. 

08 April, 2021: Our "Distributed Satellite-ground Service Platform" in the satellite will be launched on October 2021. The platform will carry out serveral in-orbit tests and experiments including Video Call based on 5G Core Network, 6G Cogntive Service Discovery and Composition, Space-air-ground Service Computing Architecture, etc..

09 April, 2021: The world's smallest 5G core network successfully developed by us and realized the video calling. It consists of only three network funcation(AMF, SMF, UPF) and can deploy on Raspberry Pi [Demonstrate].