About QoE center

With the development and explosion of streaming video services, videos are increasing finding their way into the day-to-day lives of people. The ever-increasing demand for providing high QoE of streaming videos motivates research on QoE modeling for video services. Over the last decade, we see the number of publications on QoE & video has a clear increasing trend.

Video's QoE is affected by several processing stages before they reach the end user. However, it is often challenging for researches to acquire and analyze data during the processing stages. The main goal of this QoE center is to offer a basis for QoE researcher. In this center, we propose a complete platform to perform a comprehensive QoE evaluation of real/simulated video streams, and we name it "QoE center". The platform offers three phases of QoE data acquisition and analysis: 1) content level, where we provide a content classification method based on the extracted space-time characteristic of video source ; 2) system level, where we provide graphical interfaces to control the parameters of system processing including encoding and network transmission, and provide the results of objective video quality; 3) user level, where we record and present user-viewing activities, terminal information, and collect subjective rating from the end user.

The proposed QoE platform is targeted for researches who want to conduct the QoE modeling based on data acquisition and analysis during the video processing. With our platform, doing experiments under the conditions of certain control parameters of video source, video encoding and network transmission, and terminal display is as simple as running the desired set of application on a workstation.

Available at: http://qoecenter.com/guestIndex